Shubha Biomass Briquettes


Shubha Biomass Briquette Pvt. Ltd is producing biomass briquettes to replace firewood and
fossil fuels in Nepal. Nepal is in a state of fuel crisis. Fossil fuels are transported from India and China. These fuels are both expensive and unreliable. Frequent strikes and rising prices are the causes for suchinsecure supply of energy source. With the current rate of deforestation prices of firewood are also increasing every year.

“We believe that the best way to stop deforestation and dependency on fossil fuels is with an ecofriendly fuel that is more efficient. Our goal is to save Nepal’s forests, prevent landslides and reduce CO2 emissions by selling bio-fuel briquettes.”


Company founders/entrepreneurs


Prachin Lal Shrestha – CEO & founder
Prachin Shrestha is a young inspiring entrepreneur. He grew up in Nepal and went to US for his
undergraduate studies. He returned to Nepal in 2010 to start a business in renewable energy and try to contribute to a more sustainable Nepal. Prachin is a recent MBA graduate from Kathmandu University – School of Management (KUSOM) with experience in manufacturing in Nepal.


Chandra Lal Shrestha – Director/Advisor
Chandra Lal Shrestha (father of Prachin Shrestha) is an experienced business man. He started a
dehusking rubber roller factory in Kathmandu and has been running this factory for over 25 years. He is now in his new industry adventure showing the pathway for the younger generations to lead the industrial sector in this country.